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Miter and Saddle Templates

Lee's Pipe Templates

Accurately engineered and pre-cut for easy layout of most common miter and saddle cuts, LEE's RapaTemps are full circumference guides with self- locking velcro tabs. Tough, durable, heat-resistant material gives you a time-saving quality tool for years of use.

Available for each pipe size 2" through 10", every set contains three miter templates (22 1/2°, 45°, 90°) and two saddle templates (45°, 90°). Priced per pipe size. Starting at $21.95.

* Other sizes of pipe saddle and miter templates

Lee's 12” Pipe Saddle Test Template available on our What's New Page.

Unique design allows you to layout both the branch and header using the same template. Can be used for onsite
job testing of 12" 90° saddle welds.

Available Options:

Sizes: 2" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: 2.5" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: 3" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: 4" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: 6" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: 8" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: 10" RapaTemp Set

Sizes: Complete Set 2" thru 10" Rapatemps

Sizes: 10" Pipe Saddle

Sizes: 12” Pipe Saddle

Sizes: 10" and 12" Pipe Saddle Template Combo Set