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Lee's Raparound:
The perfect guide for welders, pipefitters, and layout professionals

Much more than just an ordinary wraparound! Lee's Raparound is the pipefitter's helper that can be used as a straight edge, square and scale. Precision cutting gives our wraparounds a smooth, clean, long-lasting edge for marking. It has layouts for 3, 4, 5, and 6 piece 90 degree elbows, decimal equivalents, protractor and other useful information for welders and pipe fitters. Made of rugged, heat-resistant, non-asbestos material. This handy guide saves you time and money by combining three tools in one.

Combination Patterns

Lee's Magnetic Raparounds
Flexible Magna Raps are now available for use with pipe up to 48". You'll always get quick and easy pipe layouts with these flexible high-tech guides. Our durable magnetic wraparounds are self-aligning and hug the pipe for hands free use. Accurate pipe layout is a cinch. Every tool kit should have one.

Magnetic Raparounds
Available Options:

Size: M-4 Pocket Mag 1.5"x30"

Size: M-6 MiniMag 3"x48"

Size: M-12 Magna Helper 4"x60"

Size: M-18 Magna Master 5"x72"

Size: M-24 Big Inch 6"x90"

Size: M-36 Big Inch 6"x120"

Size: M-48 Big Inch 6"x150"
Standard Raparounds
Available Options:

Size: R-6 Mini Helper 2.5"x48"

Size: R-12 Little Helper 4"x60"

Size: R-18 Master Helper 5.75"x60"

Size: R-24 7"x90" (18x229 cm)

Size: R-36 7"x120" (18x305 cm)

Size: R-48 7"x150" (18x381 cm)

Size: R-60 7"x190" (18x483 cm)

Size: R-72 7"x240"(18x610 cm)